Grupotec (Spain)

Grupotec is a multidisciplinary company from Spain that develops, finances, builds, and operates solar power plants, worldwide. With more than 22 years of international experience and 300+ engineers, Grupotec has developed 2,000MW worldwide, including the USA, UK, France, Italy, and Spain.

Collaborating with the leading global manufacturers, Grupotec has accumulated the technical capabilities, O&M expertise, and bankable structures to finance solar PV projects in the Kingdom. Over the years, it has built a replicable model to promote renewable energy usage anywhere in the world. Having a reputation as a leading EPCist and a proven track record, in the early 2020s, Grupotec was approached by AlKifah and offered a gateway into the Kingdom’s renewable energy sector. Today, this joint partnership is empowering Enar to cater to Saudi Arabia’s large-scope renewable energy sector.