Sectors We Serve

Industrial Sector

Saudi Arabia has developed 30 industrial complexes, with over 3,800 industrial units operating in all the major cities. To deploy solar power  projects in these industrial units, Enar serves the energy-generating needs of critical sectors, including:

Food & Beverage
Cold Storage
Oil & Gas
Plastics & Petrochemicals

With a technical capacity to build photovoltaic plants, Enar keeps the wheel turning in the clean energy sector of the Kingdom.

Commercial Sector

With 110,000 Government buildings, 35,000 school buildings, 100,000 mosques, 2,500 hospitals, and 2,000+ malls, Saudi Arabia’s commercial electricity consumption is one of the region’s largest. The potential for energy-savings is enormous if clean energy usage becomes a norm.

To achieve the Saudi Government’s plan to produce 40 GW from solar energy by 2030, Enar steps forward to construct, deploy and manage multiple solar photovoltaic schemes in Saudi Arabia’s commercial sector.

Universities & Schools
Government Buildings
Malls and Commercial Centers
Office Buildings