Services and Solutions

EPC for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Uniquely positioned to construct highly efficient, cost-saving photovoltaic systems, Enar uses the sunlight to power your industries and commercial spaces. Our highly skilled engineering’ team has built over 1,000 MW capacity worldwide. They bring international know-how to optimize the turnkey solar PV projects as per the local financing needs, making Enar’s concrete EPC services highly fundable.

Enar’s Solar Photovoltaic Schemes:

O&M (Operations and Maintenance)

Our highly skilled technical resources has operated and maintained more than 500 MW of photovoltaic plants to ensure optimum performance and maximized project yield. Operational safety, plant inspections, identifying and mitigating the risks at an earlier stage, and best project management service is our guarantee. With Enar, you can expect:

  • Continuous monitoring and inspection of the plant
  • Identification of failures and performance deficiencies
  • Preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance 
  • Retrofitting 
  • Technical asset management

Energy Auditing and Energy Efficient Solutions

Enar is an efficient and reliable partner to generate cost and energy savings at par with the international renewable industry standards. Leading the industrial and commercial sectors towards more sustainable energy consumption, we help them in two areas:

Suggesting energy-efficient applications aimed at reducing energy consumption. These include Energy Audits, Feasibility Studies, Facilities Engineering Projects, and Energy Management Systems (EMS)
Turnkey projects
Developing photovoltaic energy generation systems for self-consumption, cogeneration systems, biomass, Etc.

Financing for Commercial and Industrial Customers

Enar conducts the feasibility studies, obtains the necessary permits, and defines the project on the client’s behalf. The procedure followed to ensure financial closing includes:

  • Drafting the base case for financing
  • Research and selection of investors and financing organizations
  • Managing the technical, legal, fiscal, and environmental due diligence.